True Story

It all started with the love and yearning for a daily cup of good tasting, freshly brewed coffee that doesn’t sit heavy on your pocket. This took us (Sunanda & Amit) on a journey that spanned right from Starbucks to our round the corner cafe, from Indian Filter Coffee to hand brewed specialty coffee, from French Press to highly sophisticated espresso machines, from green coffee to the darkest roast, from instant coffee to freshly brewed, from home brewing to some of the best Baristas around the globe, and the probability of getting our daily caffeine fix used to be very miniscule. 

If it was to be described what sort coffee aficionados we were, well to be very honest we were not those who understand the delicate flavor notes of coffee, we were not those who would go into the science & art of coffee making, we were definitely not those who would go through the tedious process of meticulously brewing coffee to get that perfect cup. We were simply the ones who could distinguish a good cup of coffee from a bad one and that’s about it. And we realized that’s what the majority of the coffee drinkers are, people who like to drink a good cup of coffee but are not too much bothered with art, science and cult bit of coffee.

And in India which is majorly a tea drinking nation, the coffee culture has just started, it is in its nascent phase where a handful of people understand what it takes to get a good cup of coffee, the vast majority can’t differentiate the good from bad and there is a bunch of people like us who have made it our mission to bring a good cup of freshly brewed coffee to your hands. Globally coffee is the second highest consumed beverage and in India statistics say that for every 10 cups of tea consumed 1 cup of coffee is consumed. Well, to make coffee that too one that is freshly brewed to overtake tea in India would be a very ambitious goal and we are doing what we can to bring it as close to tea as possible.

In our hunt to get a good cup of freshly brewed coffee, we realized that we just have to take care of a few fundamentals and voila you are set for the day. Now we proudly say that we brew one of the best coffees, using some of the finest beans sourced only from Indian estates, at a fair price that makes it possible for daily grab n go.

Whether you are a coffee drinker or an estate owner or a roaster or a barista or any one who is interested in coffee in any way, we invite you wholeheartedly to be a part of our mission to deliver a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. 

It’s not about coffee only. It's about the cause for entrepreneurship and doing sustainable business. Coffee is only a means to an end of empowering people by promoting entrepreneurship & self employment.