Chai or Coffee, it's a never ending fun debate. Well we say to each it's own. We all love our cuppa of chai or coffee, however, when it comes to getting the taste, quality, hygiene, budget, and convenience, we don’t find it all in one place. This led us to dive deeper into the world of chai & coffee and it resulted in the creation of “tcha.co” where 'tcha' is pronounced as 'cha' with the 't' being silent and 'co' stands for coffee.

The purpose is to create an indigenous and relatable consumer brand to organize the staple beverage & snacks space by integrating people, local taste, quality and technology.

We started with physical outlets to provide freshly brewed beverages accompanied with a range of snacks through an innovative hub and spoke distribution model at multiple customer touch points. 

However, the pandemic made us temporarily roll down our shutters and made us leap ahead into a phase of our expansion plan of having an online presence through an ecommerce website. In the first phase of this launch we are focussing on coffee and coffee related merchandise. Soon we will have tcha and herbal tcha variants in place. 

It is not just about tea, coffee or a cafe. It's about the cause for entrepreneurship and doing sustainable business. Tea, coffee, snacks, accessories, merchandise are only a means to an end of empowering people by promoting entrepreneurship & self employment. 

The vision is to create and empower 5000 micro entrepreneurs and employ more than 50,000 individuals by establishing the biggest & most relatable consumer brand in tea & coffee through integrating people, quality, local taste, technology & government initiatives